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biden polls in the toiletIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes notice of the fact that even the Democrats at the ABC/Ipsos Poll couldn’t help but note that only 28% approved of career criminal Joe Biden’s abysmal performance. Of course they beclowned themselves with the hilariously slanted headline «Three in five Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of economic recovery.»

weak joe biden flees the podium A corrupt, weak and ineffectual man retreats.

SO, not only did they bury their own poll’s result that only 28% approve of Biden overall by citing only the percent disapproving of Biden’s handling of the economy, but they added the ridiculous editorial touch pretending that there is an economic «recovery» going on. Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are crushing the working class and the poor and are causing out of control inflation PLUS baby formula and other shortages of necessities. But, yes, they pretend there’s a «recovery» going on.

Meanwhile, even the Democrat media outlet the

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